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We process your material or our certified material

  • Established in 2003.

  • 43,000 sq ft facility located on 270 W in Columbus Ohio

  • Precision CNC manufacturing, assembly services, and inventory control.

  • 3 Shifts to meet your production requirements

  • 20 CNC Machines

    • 5-Axis machining on multi-spindle, multi-turret Mazak Integrexs

    • Wire EDMs

    • Waterjet

    • 4 axis milling on multiple machines

    • Single and dual spindle lathes, all with milling

  • Production Parts as large as 1800 Lbs or as small as a gram.​

  • Attention to detail and superior quality standards allows us to meet our customer's specifications on time, and at a competitive cost.

  • Extensive range of machining services on all types of materials to deliver quality parts to a wide variety of industries.  

  • Assemble machine subsystems.

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